Due to our private rooms and the discretion of our staff, Miles & Lyle is proud to list among our clients political figures as well as entertainment and sports celebrities. Please call for more information.

Barber Services

Miles & Lyle Royal Haircut
Service include a consultation, shampoo and conditioner application, scalp massage, haircut with a finishing rinse, a style and a splash of cologne. A nose and ear trim are complimentary if requested.

Starting $40 - Book an appointment - Contact us

Clean Up
For the between cut times or to freshen up for that special occasion, our “Clean Up” service is just the thing. No shampooing, none of our regular pampering, just a quick touch up around the neck and ears.

$29 - Book an appointment - Contact us

Father/Son Special
For that special bonding experience, fathers and sons (8 years old and under) can schedule back-to-back appointments with the same operator.

$72 - Book an appointment - Contact us

Miles & Lyle Royal Shave
Service includes four hot towels, a double pass with a straight blade razor, facial wash, extracting/healing mask, a cold towel, a gentle facial massage and an application of a facial moisturizer.

$49 - Book an appointment - Contact us

Miles & Lyle Royal Head Shave - Regular or Sensitive Skin
The Royal Head Shave for regular skin is identical to the Royal Shave described above. The Royal Head Shave for sensitive skin is also the same, but is performed using a specifically designed electric razor to alleviate problems for those with sensitive skin.

$49 - Book an appointment - Contact us

Miles & Lyle Royal Beard/Mustache Trim with Mask
This service includes a hot towel, definition of lines with an electric trimmer, definition of lines with a straight razor and concludes with an application of a cold towel.

Starting at $34 - Book an appointment - Contact us

Miles & Lyle Beard Trim Only Clippers, No Razor, No Mask

Starting at $28 - Book an appointment - Contact us

Royal Haircut And Beard Trim With Razor Combination

Starting At $70.00 - Book an appointment - Contact us

Miles & Lyle Children’s Haircut
Children under the age of 8 years old can now enjoy a Royal Haircut at a specially reduced price.

$34 - Book an appointment - Contact us

Haircut and Shave Combination
$85 - Book an appointment - Contact us


Nail Services

Miles & Lyle Dual Buff Royal Manicure
Service includes nail trimming and a filing, warm soak cuticle treatment, a paraffin bath, our unique dual buffing, a hand and arm massage and an application of clear polish if requested.

$27 - Book an appointment - Contact us

Miles & Lyle Dual Buff Royal Pedicure
This pedicure service is identical to the manicure service as described above, performed in a pedicure chair equipped with heat and massage.

$45 - Book an appointment - Contact us

$30 - Paraffin Foot Treatment - Book an appointment - Contact us

Massage Services

Miles & Lyle Full Body Massages
Our experienced staff is proficient in all massage protocols, i.e., Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stones, Shiatsu, Neuro-Muscular (sports), Hydrotherapy and Aromatherapy. A brief description of each is listed below. Discuss your specific goals with the therapist and your session will be custom tailored to your needs.

Full Body Massages $130 (60 minutes)

Deep Tissue Therapy
This treatment does not use deep pressure, but some discomfort will be experienced. The deeper muscles of the body, down to the bone, will be stripped and stretched. Pressure points and trigger points will be used, if necessary, to release muscle tension, and increase range of motion.

Using warm oil, long relaxing strokes and kneading of your muscles, this treatment will increase circulation, relieve stress, and decrease pain. You can request light, medium or firm pressure.

Table Shiatsu
This eastern based therapy, which is usually performed on the floor, is brought to the table to let you experience the balancing effects of Shiatsu combined with the relaxation techniques of Swedish Massage. Shiatsu works on points that run along energy pathways up and down the body which are each connected to an organ. This balancing treatment is great for general health.

Neuro-Muscular (Sports) Therapy
Working on specific areas of the body to release nerves that are entrapped in the muscle tissue to eliminate scar tissue, increase range of motion and get rid of deep adhesions.

Muscle Meltdown/Hydrotherapy
This is our signature massage treatment using hot packs, hot towels, warm oil and warm stones to melt away physical and mental stress. (Hydrotherapy is the use of water, heat, or ice for therapeutic purposes.)

The use of oils extracted from tress, plant, flowers, roots and spices to create different effects. Your therapist will discuss with you the specific uses of different essential oils.
Note: Aromatherapy may be added to any massage treatment.

Miles & Lyle Royal Scalp Massage
A perfect lead-in to the Royal Haircut, this service includes a tension-reducing neck and scalp massage using our exclusive Masculine Brand scalp treatment, an exfoliation and a scalp cleansing.

Starting at $65 (30 minutes)
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Miles & Lyle Royal 30-Minute Neck, Back and Scalp Massage
The Royal Neck, Back and Scalp Massage is designed to relieve and reduce stress by targeting the neck, shoulders, back and scalp areas. This service will leave you completely relaxed and rejuvenated. It is the perfect way to conclude a hectic workday, or as an addition to our facial service for the ultimate stress-relieving experience.

Starting at $49 - Book an appointment - Contact us

60 minute Massage
Starting at $99 - Book an appointment - Contact us

90 minute Massage
Starting at $175 - Book an appointment - Contact us

2 hour Massage
Starting at $200 - Book an appointment - Contact us

Facial Services

Luxury Skin Care for Men
At ordinary salons and barber spas, men are offered facials that were designed for women. It has been established that women’s products are not as effective on men’s skin. For positive results, the chemical composition of the products used should be specially selected and formulated to be compatible with the men’s skin using fragrances acceptable to men. We are proud to be the only location in the area that specializes in men’s facial skin procedures. Our facials are designed to delay the aging process, alleviate beach or golf course sun damage, offset the effects of smoking, improve your overall appearance and generally create a refreshed and revitalized feeling.

Customized skin care treatments are individually tailored to address your needs and conditions. Our on-staff Aesthetician will suggest treatments customized to your particular skin. Products used in these treatments are formulated through bio-technology, designed to strengthen your skin by stimulating cellular repair and regeneration. As part of your treatment, you will receive a recommended daily regimen to enhance the benefits of your facial and enable you to continue to use positive results at home.

Discuss your specific needs with our licensed aestheticians in order to formulate procedures best suited to your needs and goals.

Masculine-Specific Facials from:
Back Facial starting at - $110
Starting at - $65 (30-minute facial) - Book an appointment - Contact us
Starting at - $130 (60-minute facial) - Book an appointment - Contact us



South Zone Clipping - Starting at - $40
Chest Clipping - Starting at - $42
Back Clipping - Starting at - $44
Eyebrow Clipping - Starting at - $7
Leg Clipping - Starting at - $44
Shoulder Clipping - Starting at - $20 (New Service)
Back/Shoulders Clipping - Starting at - $50 (New Service)
Belly Clipping - Starting at - $23 (New Service)
Leg Clipping (Full) - Starting at - $47
Butt Clipping - Starting at - $26 (New Service)
Under Arms Clipping - Starting at - $12 (New Service)
Upper Arms - Starting at -$20 (New Service)
Full Arms - Starting at - $28 (New Service)
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Ear Candling

If you suffer from chronic or acute ear infections, hearing loss, sinus congestion, ear pain, itching allergies, ringing (tinnitus) or vertigo, ear candling may be the answer to your problems. Employing a technique that has been around for centuries, each candling is a safe, natural and effective method to alleviate or eliminate all of the above.

Starting at - $70 - Book an appointment - Contact us

Coloring Services

Miles & Lyle Royal Coloring Services
Our Royal Coloring Services are geared toward the specific needs of men. Coloring services are available for beard, mustache, hair and highlights.

Mustache Coloring - Starting at -$25
Hair Coloring - Starting at -$52
Beard Coloring from - Starting at -$27
Highlights - Starting at -$52
Eyebrow Coloring - Starting at - $25
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Hair Removal Services

Miles & Lyle Royal Hair Removal Services
Royal Hair Removal Services are commonly used for specific parts of the body while full body removal is especially beneficial to athletes, such as cyclist and bodybuilders.

Back and Shoulder Wax - Starting at - $58
Shoulder Wax - Starting at - $28 (New Service)
Back Wax - Starting at - $48 (New Service)
Butt Strip Wax - Starting at - $30
Full Leg Wax - Starting at - $69
Lower Legs with Toes Wax - Starting at - $41 (New Service)
Upper Legs Wax - Starting at - $45 (New Service)
Full Arms Wax - Starting at - $53
Lower Arms with Hands Wax - Starting at - $37 (New Service)
Upper Arms Wax - Starting at - $37 (New Service)
Under Arm Wax - Starting at - $18 (New Service)
Chest Wax - Starting at - $48
Belly Wax - Starting at - $37 (New Service)
Ear Wax - Starting at -$19
Eyebrow Wax - Starting at - $19
Nose Wax - Starting at - $19
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Shoeshine service

Miles & Lyle Royal Shoeshine
Starting at -$8 - Book an appointment - Contact us


Our Royal Services include haircuts, straight razor shaves, manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, reflexology, hair coloring, beard and mustache trim, hair removal & shoeshine.



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